Play Bandit's Bounty online

Play Bandit’s Bounty online

Bandit’s Bounty is an online slot game that takes players back to the Wild West, a world full of saloons, sheriffs and bullet holes if the game’s symbols are to be believed. The game is interesting, has five reels and 20 paylines, which is combined with a visually attractive overall picture. Check out our Bandit’s Bounty review to find out what to expect from this game and time travel experience.

Salon symbols

Salon symbols

This game features a strong lineup of symbols representing various pieces of the Wild West culture, including cowboys, sheriff badges, and more. While the game uses card-valued symbols to complement these items, it gives them a unique twist with a western font that’s riddled with bullet marks after what must have been some kind of shootout. Here is the list of symbols found in Bandit’s Bounty.

  • Free spins symbol
  • Sheriff badge – wild symbol
  • Bonus game symbol
  • Cowboy
  • Bandit
  • Wild west woman
  • Longhorn
  • Card value symbols (jack/queen/king/ace)
  • Free spins and bags of loot

The free spins symbol in this game is a bag of sacks with the word free spins emblazoned on top. If three or more of these symbols appear on a given spin, players will be awarded 15 free spins.

A symbol also pays if two or more of these symbols appear on a given spin. Since there is also a bonus round available in Bandit’s Bounty, the possibility of 15 free spins is an exciting addition.

Wild west wilds

Sheriff badges are usually something that wild west characters wouldn’t want to see, but that’s exactly what Bandit’s Bounty players want to see. The sheriff symbols in this game are the game’s wild symbol, which can substitute for all symbols on the game board except the free spins and bonus game symbols.

Duel for bonuses

Duel for bonuses

Nothing symbolizes the Wild West more than an old-fashioned duel. And players can participate in such a duel by hitting 20 bonus game symbols and activating the bonus game button on the toolbar. In the bonus game, players can fire six shots in a duel against the bandit, and each successful shot results in a higher bonus.

Bandit’s Bounty Tips and Tricks

Players should play the slot for free before playing Bandit’s Bounty for real money. The biggest reason for this is to get a feel for the bonus game before playing the real game, as the player has a direct impact on the outcome of the bonus game. This practice can mean the difference between a big bonus and a small one.

Bandit’s Bounty is a fun and visually appealing game with a number of bonus features and free spins to increase your winnings quickly. A wild west experience, the game is undoubtedly a great place to escape to and a great casino addition.

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