Casino Myths

Casino Myths That Can Hurt Your Gambling Experience

Casino myths are widely believed and accepted. Sadly, there is no truth to them. Most often, they cause more harm. This is why Woo Casino ensures its players do not fall into their trap, and neither should you. This is a guide on how to avoid such superstitions. 

Myth vs. Reality in the Casino Industry

Myth vs. Reality

In the casino industry, some myths are harmful to players. Below is a list of some popularly believed myths with an explanation of the actual reality:

Winning is assured: In casino games, winning is never guaranteed because most of their games use random number generators. This is why players can never be certain of the outcome of a game. It is purely a game of luck.

Gamblers always lose money: the reason why gamblers keep coming back is because they have at some point won a game. So, they return hoping to repeat their luck. As much as gamblers lose money, they seldom make money as well. 

Casino games are rigged: Casino games are not rigged. The algorithm in each machine ensures the result of gameplay is entirely up to the machines and not management. 

Beginner’s Luck

Beginners’ luck is when first-time players have experienced a streak of wins. This can be harmful in the long run as it causes:

False Confidence: Being confident after winning a couple of times leads to greed. In most cases, players end up losing all the money won initially. 

Gambling addiction: a newbie who has experienced a streak of winning for weeks or even months can fall into a rabbit hole of addiction. When a lucky player loses for the first time, he is consumed with the desire to recover the loss. It can lead to a spiral of losses.

Superstitions and Lucky Charms in Casino Games 

Superstitions and Lucky Charms

Superstitions and lucky charms are popular in the casino industry. A lot of players believe that performing some rituals before or after playing will give them victory. Some of which are:

Blowing on dice: blowing on dice does not magically guarantee that it will roll in your favor. Instead, leaving your DNA on a random object in a public place that many people will use can spread germs. 

Lucky numbers: there is no such thing as a lucky number. Again, the casino game uses a random number-generating algorithm. So, picking 7 or your date of birth is not an assurance of success.  

Charms: these charms might be jewelry or a piece of clothing players carry around. There is no scientific proof that charms work in real life.  


Superstitions and myths in the casino industry are a dangerous path to thread. The best way to avoid it is by believing each one of them is false.

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