Debris Assessment and Collection

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The Environmental Health Unit, Department of Disaster Management and other Government stakeholders are desirous of performing an island-wide debris assessment with the view of coordinating a national debris collection exercise following last year's hurricane impact.

In order for this exercise to be successful the Departments require the public's assistance in identifying and reporting the areas where debris from Hurricane Irma is still posing a threat and is creating, or can possibly create public hazards. Potential hazards include but are not limited to zinc trapped in bushy areas, loose wood and zinc as well as derelict structures and containers.

The public is asked to visit the Department of Disaster Management, The Environmental Health Unit or the Department of Lands and Surveys and complete the provided Hazard identification forms on or before November 1st 2018. The information collected will be consolidated and used to devise a national strategy for the clearance and collection of the debris and the mitigation of any threats they can cause.

We thank you in advance for your co-operation in this very important exercise as we strive to increase our preparedness and mitigation efforts for the Hurricane season and beyond.

For questions or further information please call the Department of Disaster Management at 264-497-2926.