Preparedness Drill 2018

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The Department of Disaster Management on behalf of the National Disaster Management Committee will be coordinating its annual Preparedness Drill on Tuesday 17th and Thursday 19th April , 2018.

The Preparedness drill will have two (2) phases to assess the readiness of organisations to specific threats and events. Phase 1 scheduled for April 17th, 2018, will be the assessment of facilities. This phase will seek to ascertain the condition of critical inventory, the resources available to mitigate against risks, and existing gaps.
Phase 2 will be conducted on April 19th, 2018, beginning at 9am for island wide participation. This phase will afford government agencies and the private sector to be engaged in the actual shuttering exercise.

This Drill is an opportunity for individuals, businesses and organizations to assess their properties inclusive of shutters and other protective measures to ensure they have all the equipment needed to protect their homes and businesses in the event that severe weather threatens. The exercise also enables the local business community a chance to review their Business Continuity Plans, to ensure that they can respond and recover swiftly after any major event. Allowing them to aid in the safe restoration of critical and essential functions and services to their customers.

"Preparing for disasters is important. Emergencies can happen at any time or anywhere - at home, at work or at play - and everyone must take action to safeguard themselves and loved ones in the event that something happens. Preparing for disasters and emergencies is everyone's responsibility. Preparedness is vital to our resiliency in any storm or emergency. However, the truth is there's no one-size-fits-all solution to being prepared" says Melissa Meade, Director of Disaster Management.

The Department of Disaster Management is urging persons, Government Departments, Statutory Bodies, businesses and organizations to take part in this important preparedness drill and to please take the time to complete and return the evaluation forms that will be distributed as feedback is vital to improving this Drill as well as preparedness and readiness levels across Anguilla.

For questions or further information please call the Department of Disaster Management at 264-497-2926.