2018 Hurricane Season Commences

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The Atlantic Hurricane Season runs officially from June 1st to 30th November and as always I urge you to ensure that you and your loved ones adequately prepare for whatever may come our way. Hurricanes and Tropical weather systems do not limit themselves to formation during the officially recognized period as observed with Tropical Storm Alberto this week and Tropical Storm Arlene in April of 2017. It should encourage us to undertake preparedness activities all year long as there is no room for complacency. The Department of Disaster Management, the National Disaster Management Committee, and the Governor's Office have been meeting regularly over the past months to ensure our state of preparedness is sufficiently robust.

The 2017 hurricane season is etched in our minds as hurricanes Irma and Maria were traumatic and costly events. However, as we begin the season with a higher vulnerability to events especially with the ongoing recovery efforts, it cannot be stressed enough how important preparedness is. It is critical that we realise that significant damage can be caused by weaker Tropical systems especially when you are already compromised. We also should reflect and ask:
- What is the condition of our yard or land?
- Can the material there in cause damage to our property or our neighbour's?
- Does your neighbour need assistance in preparing for a pending event?

As always, check the status of your preparedness efforts such as your Business Continuity Plan, Family Emergency Plan, shutters, and Emergency Kit. Persons are encouraged to sign up to receive alerts by email and to download the CAPit app from the Anguilla Warning System at the Department's website ddmaxa.org/aws.htm. Be reminded that we at the Department are always willing to lend a hand with your plans and we encourage you to visit us so we can better assist you.

The Department of Disaster Management re-iterates that one storm is all that is required to create havoc and despair. Let us endeavor to prepare for any eventuality this Hurricane Season by treating our preparedness efforts with the seriousness and urgency required. The Department wishes all a safe hurricane season.

For further information or queries as it pertains to the various hazards and safety, please contact the Department of Disaster Management at 497 -2926.