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The Department of Disaster Management on behalf of the National Disaster Management Committee will be coordinating a Shuttering Drill on Friday 1st September2017.

In an effort to ensure the population is prepared, the Shuttering Drill is an opportunity for all persons, businesses, and organizations, to test how long it will take to put up shutters or other protective measures and to make sure they have all the equipment needed to protect their homes and businesses in the event that severe weather threatens.

Preparation is the key to ensuring our protection in times of disaster; and the adage "Practice makes perfect" also rings true. Being aware that persons may not financially be in a position to actually put up their shutters; you may use the drill to ensure you, your family and employees are familiar with and have access to shutters or plywood, clips or nails for the upcoming hurricane season. It is also an opportunity to test your family/household disaster and Emergency plans.

We urge all persons, Government Departments, Statutory Bodies, businesses, and organizations, to take part in this important preparedness drill. In an effort to assess the drill participation/evaluation forms will be distributed. Please take the time to complete and return these forms.

For questions or further information please call the Department of Disaster Management at 264-497-2926.